Confucius Institute at WMU held its 1st Chinese Bridge Competition

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Confucius Institute at WMU held its 1st Chinese Bridge Contest for high school students on April 23rd 9am-12pm Kalamazoo time.  The contest was divided into 3 groups-Basic, Intermediate and Advance-based on the competitor’s Chinese efficiency. The 1st-3rd prize were decided based on their performances in Chinese knowledge quiz, Chinese speech and talent show.


Mo Sisi, from Loy Norrix High School, was awarded the 1st prize in the Basic group. In her speech I like Chinese class, she, in perfect Chinese pronunciation, introduced the change and influence brought to her life by Chinese learning. After a year of Chinese language learning, she said “I’m so happy to learn Chinese. It feels so great to be able to speak Chinese! I will make more efforts and try to be a Chinese Major in university.”


The prize of the Most Popular Performance was awarded to Bai Xiya, a student from Loy Norrix High School. She lit up the whole room with her enthusiastic dance of Little Apple. She said she likeed Chinese square dance very much. It had been her favorite exercise since the teacher taught her. She had also made lots of friends through this dance.


Dr. Xiaojun Wang, Dr. Wei-Chiao Wang from Western Michigan University and Mrs. Yu Zhang from Kalamazoo Chinese Academy were invited to be the judges for this contest. They had spoken highly of all the competitors’ performance throughout the contest.


Dr. Wenfang Sun, the Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at WMU, and Mr. Rodney Prewitt, the headmaster of Loy Norrix High School presented the awards for each winners. Since the Chinese program started in Loy Norrix High School in 2016 fall, there has been more than 100 students attending Chinese classes and learn Chinese language and culture from CI’s instructors. Mr. Prewitt valued the Chines program a lot, hoping that CI could provide more instructors in his school. He said that Loy Norrix will continue offer support to the CI teachers and the development of CI Chinese program in the school.


Since the establishment of Confucius Institute at Western Michigan University in 2009, CI at WMU, besides teaching Chinese language and promoting Chinese culture in WMU, has built long-term friendly partnerships with many local public schools and private kindergartens, supporting the Chinese courses within these schools. In addition, Confucius Institute at WMU has also hold numerous different Chinese cultural activities for the locals to experience Chinese culture, promoting Chinese language teaching in Michigan state and helping the local people gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and modern China.